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    Check out @FingersCrossed4Morrow on Instagram for more photos. 5) Avoid pressure washers. Pressure washers and drive through car washes can be bad for your graphics, as well as your paint. Vinyl graphics or not, the thought of taking your Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or any car you care about through a drive through car wash makes me cringe.

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    Jul 15,  · The vinyl on your car protects it from contaminants, both natural and man-made. However, you should also clean it as often as you would clean a non-wrap car. Contaminants left standing on the vinyl for a long time can eventually ruin its beauty and worse, scratch the vinyl. This will allow moisture and contaminants to seep in.

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    All American Car Care Products Armor - Water-Based Silicone Dressing That Protects and Restores Leather, Tires, Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, and More (1 Gallon) out of 5 stars 34 $

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    4. Weekend (Woody Van Eyden Radikal Remix)- Bad Habit Boys At first I really didn't care much for this song, but now I love it. The best part is when they say "WEEEEEEEKKEEEENDDDD" 5. Outa Space (Video Edit)- Mellow Trax I heard about this before I bought this CD/5(14).

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    Apr 13,  · Even when you're out living the #vanlife, life isn't merely a camping trip. Which is why we're seeing more and more camper vans designed to keep up with the multi-headed beast that is daily living.

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    If your van is more than a year old, it most likely has a layer of dirt, grime and dust build up on the floor. Use a shopvac and small hand broom to clean it. You may need to use a small scraper to loosen any areas of large dirt buildup that has accumulated.

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    Jun 12,  · The Back doctor told me that my ‘core’ had gone ‘offline’; and that is why I was in EXCRUCIATING Back pain. Many people suffer back pain because of not having a good core (aka stomach muscles). Your Torso should be supported by your core. People who have bad or weakened cores - then the back takes over the role of supporting the Torso.

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    The sax player was Rick Folse (I don’t know if there is a relation). Rick was actually a member of the original Bad Habits. He stayed with the group for maybe a year and then moved back to Cutoff, La. and became a disk jockey. You may have noticed the high pitch of the lead singer on The Bad Habit’s “Bad Wind” and “Thank You For The.

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    The trim of your car or vehicle is usually vinyl. It breaks down known as off-gassing, and deposits on glass forming a haze. Use Vinylex Spray - it has UV protectant, essential oils, anti-static to keep off the dust, and a soft patina finish. Zymol Vinyl leaves a pina colada smell. Meguiar #40 cleans and protects but does not leave a slippery finish. Meguiar #39 is a strong cleaner - use.

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