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  1. Kazrashakar Reply

    On February 24, Especia will release their new album “CARTA.” This is the group’s first full album with major label Victor Entertainment. This album also marks the last release featuring members Sannomiya Chika, Mise Chihiro and Wakita Monari. The reason for their graduations is Especia’s recent move from Osaka to Tokyo.

  2. Takinos Reply

    Feb 12,  · Especia's new album "CARTA - Selection" is now available on iTunes Store worldwide. KEYTALK - 年3月2日発売「DVD&Blu-ray&CD 『KEYTALKの武道館で舞踏会 ~shall we dance?.

  3. Kera Reply

    nibislicamotucnamesynchtafochea.coinfo Ordinary Year(不凡之年)(艾娜兒) nibislicamotucnamesynchtafochea.coinfo D'Automne(秋日之思)(皮耶雷斯考) nibislicamotucnamesynchtafochea.coinfo Of The Western Wind(西風的話)(上海交響樂團) nibislicamotucnamesynchtafochea.coinfo(呼吸)(蓋莉).

  4. Goltijora Reply

    Mar 01,  · "Crazy enough to work" is a description I have heard applied to Especia a few times now. They traverse 80s and 90s nostalgia, creating throwback tracks that sound like they could actually belong into the eras, rather than a warmed up version of nostalgic memories. CARTA, their first major label release, is no different.

  5. Muramar Reply

    carta(通常盤) / ビクターエンタテインメント / CD / Especia.

  6. Kajijas Reply

    Obviamente, este ministério é totalmente dependente da Palavra do Deus vivo, da Escritura, da Bíblia. Estamos comprometidos com a Palavra de Deus como absolutamente verdadeira, e .

  7. Doujinn Reply

    CARTA is the second album released by nibislicamotucnamesynchtafochea.coinfo: CD, CD+DVD, 2CD.

  8. Fenrikinos Reply

    Especia - Carta (CD+DVD edition) () files. Clover Over Time Sunshower Interstellar Saga Saudade Rittenhouse Square Mistake Fader Saturday Night Boogie Aroma (Carta ver.) Aviator (Carta edit) Download album • MB:: flac • bitrate: min Kbps / max Kbps We regularly post.

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