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    Aug 03,  · BBC receive 'more than ' complaints after airing CBBC's first ever same sex kiss in teen dance drama The Next Step. The Canadian mockumentary-style drama follows a dance troupe as they prepare.

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    Safe Sex on Holiday. Last year we wrote about where Brits were having the most unprotected sex on holiday. This year we’re back with a bit more detail on how to stay safe if you end up having a holiday romance while you’re abroad. If you’re headed to Benidorm, pay extra attention. Remember to pack condoms.

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    The only safe sex is no sex, according to most healthcare providers. Abstinence may be the only true form of "safe" sex. All forms of sexual contact carry some risk. You can reduce your risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) with certain precautions and safe behaviors.

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    Home > Browse > Have a safe sex summer. Have a safe sex summer. Description: Color photograph of three men standing on an ocean shore, in swimming trunks with their arms around each other. Creators / Group: AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) Date: Language: English.

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    Having sex with only one partner who only has sex with you when neither of you has a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is believed to be safe. However, many healthcare professionals believe there really is no such thing as safe sex.

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    May 23,  · Encouraging people to use protection when having sex did. Experts say the same principle applies today. “Social distancing was very April ,” said Gregg Gonsalves, an epidemiologist at Yale.

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    Jun 01,  · Pools are considered a safe summer activity since chlorine kills coronavirus, and the water and the outdoor air make it difficult for the virus to survive. Space – Even if you’re outside, you still need to practice physical distancing (that’s a .

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    “A condom is the glass slipper of our generation. You slip one on when you meet a stranger. You dance all night, and then you throw it away. The condom, I mean, not the stranger.”.

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